As your Clackamas County Commission Chair, I’ve worked to recognize the values of our residents and incorporate them into the policies we pass. While there are those in Portland and METRO who would like us to “collaborate” on what I see as failed policy ideas, I am more interested in making sure the citizens of Clackamas have a clear voice on the issues that affect us:

  • Protecting personal property rights;
  • Family-Wage Jobs that don’t require our neighbors to commute outside of Clackamas;
  • Ensuring the most vulnerable among us receive quality services at an affordable cost;
  • And that all residents feel like they receive a good value from our tax dollars!

That may not be the Portland/METRO way, but it is the Clackamas way.

I will continue to be a leader who is committed to the prosperity of those who live, work, and play in Clackamas County!